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Lessons Learned Contributing to Dogecoin.

Dogecoin was created as a joke, a meme poking fun at the all-too-serious nature of cryptocurrency. Why shouldn’t development be fun?

Along the way, maybe we can help make a globally available, decentralized microtransaction system that lets people do and build interesting things.

Here’s what I’ve learned contributing code to Dogecoin core and other projects.

Mar 25, 2022

Code Reviews Make Good Code

Why do code reviews matter? Things you can learn by looking at how projects decide what changes to include.

Mar 23, 2022

Freezing the GUI in PR 1856

My Dogecoin PR to allow users to import private keys from the GUI had a flaw; it froze the GUI. That was fixable... eventually.

Mar 21, 2022

Background to PR 1856

My first substantial contribution was a GUI change that was more work than it seemed. Here's some background on PR 1856.